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Projects: Reimagined

Project controls, management and digital capability

Who we are


Solving complex problems

A massive 70% of all projects fail to complete important objectives around time, cost and outcomes.


Yours can be among the 30% that succeeds.


th3rdcurve is a dynamic project management, controls and digital capability consultancy. We have a track record of supporting clients’ transformations and delivering everything from complex mega programmes to smaller, targeted projects. We’re passionate people with a customer-centric ideology, utterly driven to make pioneering changes in a sustainable way.


Perhaps you know where you want to get to in terms of your project, vision or goals, but can’t find a route to your destination? We can show you the way.

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Proving our worth through data  


If any of this sounds abstract, it’s only because we don’t know your specific challenges yet. But when we do, our solutions will feature solid, actionable plans on evidence-based methodologies that lead to tangible, positive impacts. You’ll be able to measure those impacts and judge us on our work.


These are not empty words: we’re a small-but-growing team with a reputation for making a big impact in the world of change and project management.  


Work with us and we will drive value, evolve your processes, and align your business with smarter ways of working. Get in touch now.

Delivering better projects  


Our team provides the strategy and the framework so you can align your aims and stay on the right path – and succeed.


This is always your journey. Every success we achieve is rooted in our ethos for driving the best value for our clients and achieving results based on their unique needs.


We lead, but we also integrate with your working culture. We are always collaborating with your team and nudging it closer to success, empowering it and building internal competency.


In a sentence, we help ensure your team is doing the right projects, the right way.

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Recent Projects

Th3rdcurve was brought in to support the UK Government on its COVID-19 testing programme. In response to the pandemic, we were engaged to lead the project management, PMO and controls for the design and build of the UK’s first megalab.

Some of the most critical and ambitious projects were launched as a response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. A new platform had to be deployed, meeting the highest standards in terms of security, performance, accessibility, reliability, disaster recovery and 24/7 support. 

A transformational project. Together we’ve streamlined the way projects are managed with integrated governance and change management, optimising the way decisions are made with a focus on data quality.



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