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Transformation at the core

Reach your goals with our project controls, management
and digital capabilities.


What we do


Improving your outcomes


Our services can be summed up simply: we make changes to organisations’ structures, processes, systems and data, to vastly improve outcomes. 


Every project is different. We adapt and innovate our methodologies until we have the right fit for you. In every case, our approach is pragmatic: we simplify complex processes with a focus on quantifiable benefits.


We don’t try to replace an existing team with our people; we operate as part of your team. We will empower and upskill your people, to sow the seeds for long-term transformative change.


We offer the following:

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Project & Programme Management

Our programme and project management services can help you to reap the rewards of being among the minority that successfully delivers its projects and goals on time and on budget. Closely aligned to our integrated project controls service, this is one of our core areas of expertise and draws on our experience.

PC Platform - Rapid Deployment


Integrated Project Controls

Critical to providing a holistic approach to project delivery and performance. We are passionate promoters of the value of integrating project controls because we have seen this approach lead to many, many successful outcomes.


Planning & Scheduling

We are planning experts, with an enviable track record helping clients reach their goals. In fact, the theory, practice and evolution of planning is a huge passion for all the members of our team.

Victoria Line Upgrade


Cost Management & Estimating

The efficiencies that our cost management and estimating processes will bring to your business will add up to significant value for money. Cost management must be implemented with other key project principles and processes. 


Risk Management

With extensive risk management expertise on flagship programmes across the globe, we provide advice and personnel to drive even the most complex and challenging projects towards success.

Thames Tideway


Performance Management

Robust, insightful information is absolutely critical to the success of a project. Our performance management services use innovative evidence-based approaches to bring you the right information.


PMO Design & Implementation

For more than 20 years, our team has been leading the architecture and implementation of high-performing PMOs, as a well-known and well-respected voice in the industry.


Governance & Assurance

The framework of authority and accountability defines and controls the outputs, outcomes and benefits of projects, programmes and portfolios. Both elements are critical enablers for effective delivery.



Helping businesses rethink and reinvent their approach is one of th3rdcurve’s core strengths, developed over decades of mega-project experience implementing strategies that bring deep and enduring value.

Network Rail Digital Railway Programme


Digital Services

Your data is a priceless asset and, as such, this is never about ripping the heart out of your current approach. We will deliver a forward-looking strategy that is aligned with your objectives and goals.


Training & Development

Why rely on third-party expertise when you can upskill your own people to deliver projects? We can educate your teams on all aspects of a programme and empower them by giving them the necessary skills.


Business Intelligence

We can process, analyse and interpret your information and create meaningful automated reports that drive better business decisions and lead to transformative changes.




"Over the last 5 years the team at th3rdcurve have helped transform our approach to project controls and performance measurement. They have an amazing ability to simplify complex business challenges and create practical solutions that drive productivity improvements through innovative thinking. Most importantly they are fun, engaging and easy to work with!"


Steffan Battle

Pre Construction Director

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