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Training and Development

Reach your goals with our project controls, management, digital capabilities and services.

Training​ and Development

Why rely on third-party expertise when you can upskill your own people to deliver projects? The th3rdcurve Academy is a hub that can drive both internal and external capability.


We offer a wide range of services to help you meet your project goals.

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Services include


Delivery Simulation. Run a project in a day, using our expert training and innovative simulation tools. This experiential training offers you and your teams the chance to learn key project delivery principles, including: business case, project initiation, performance, monitoring and control, and more. This is a superb overview of the project management experience.


Bespoke project controls training. Following an assessment of your needs, we can deliver targeted training in estimating, planning, cost management, performance management, and risk management.

A great choice for teams that wish to develop deeper insights into key project management skills


NEC3/4 training suite

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