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Evidence-based solutions

Big thinking and nothing left unexplored.

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How we differ


We put our data on the line

We base everything we do on data and evidence. We don’t simply hide behind feelgood claims about ‘transformation’ or ‘results’ – we show this transformation and these results in our evidence-based approach. This means you can be sure you’re getting high-impact consultancy and excellent return on investment.

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Big talk, backed up


Yes, we also talk about ‘revolutionising the project management industry’, ‘bringing an end to the failure of large-scale projects’ and ‘freeing up the power of projects to bring about societal change’. We passionately believe in all of these things but, ultimately, it all comes back to evidence-based approaches.


Our emphasis on evidence and tangible results comes from our ethos: we operate in a spirit of transparency, fairness and value. We stick to these principles because it’s right, and because we know if we do the right thing by our clients, our own growth will look after itself. We think you’ll find working with us very different.

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Our approach keeps us honest


By putting our data front and centre, we are more likely to recommend a value-driven 30% change that delivers 60% benefit, rather than a widescale overhaul with intangible outcomes. It also means we are less likely to bring in dozens of bodies to transform your organisation and more likely to bring in a small team of focused minds to make targeted and impactful changes.


It is this unwavering cost/benefit obsession that makes us different from many competitors.

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Challenging the way you view project controls




"Over the last 5 years the team at th3rdcurve have helped transform our approach to project controls and performance measurement. They have an amazing ability to simplify complex business challenges and create practical solutions that drive productivity improvements through innovative thinking. Most importantly they are fun, engaging and easy to work with!"


Steffan Battle

Pre Construction Director

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